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Internet Marketing (aka the Hustle)

On Entrepreneurship and success...

I recently got into a debate with some entrepreneurs in a private forum re: the definition of "entrepreneurship" and the increasing amount of entrepreneurs in our 'startup bubble.'

Here is a portion of my rant:

Entrepreneurs are those set out to build something in the face of (great) risk.

One's risk is inherently based on their personal circumstances. It's naive for anyone to assess an entrepreneur w/o knowing their thought process about this.

The beauty is anyone can be (or call themselves) an entrepreneur. It makes sense. Many times, an entrepreneur is seen as a bum or outcast (or at least, unemployed) to the world outside the valley. This isn't actually cool and it was way less cool 18 months ago. You face this risk partially because you don't give a fuck about what people say (about what other "more rational" opportunities exist). So, who calls themselves an entrepreneur or what it means shouldn't matter if you are one.

Like any other profession, there are people who are "good at" being an entrepreneur and those who suck at it. Results not always defined by
$$ raised or exit amount -- it should be tied to their goals. For some, the goal is IPO, others build "apps" and earn enough to never have to work a "real job." To most 9 - 5ers the latter group is frickin genius -- though, VCs and other entrepreneurs may look down on these people... interesting, right?

Regardless, from what I've seen, entrepreneurs work extremely hard and are willing to stare into the abyss and come out swinging.

Their own personal skills and talents are not determinative. I would argue that IQ or intelligence is less valuable than hardwork and determination.

End rant.